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Thread: Zimbra On Debian Sarge through Virtual Machine

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    Default Zimbra On Debian Sarge through Virtual Machine


    I know that it is not recommanded to run zimbra on Virtual Machine but I'd like to test it before ...

    Well, the installation of zimbra worked well. Some modifications needed to be done :
    - chmod o+x /opt/zimbra/postfix/spool/public to allow zimbra user to access this directory to check mail queue.
    Original permissions : public/ postfix postdrop drwx--x--- set but zimbra is a member of postfix, not postdrop.

    - chmod o+rx to allow zimbra user to write into the /opt/zimbra/log/redolog directory for tomcat

    That's all. Now, when I try to log in the admin console, I have a webpage displayed for login connection. I enter the good login and password. Then a page "Loading..." is displayed and nothing else occur after that.

    I can see no interresting logs in logfiles. The last request passed to the webserver was POST service/admin/soap, with login info I guess...

    Some idea about this lake of action ?
    Thanks a lot.

    Point of detail : the VM is DNS server and zimbra installed to run on localhost.localdomain. And i ran the zmfixperm as well

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    Ok ....

    Incredible thing, I've tried to access admin console from outside my virtual machine and it's working ....

    The two versions of firefox are different (1.3 against 2.0) and I've more plugins with the second one ....

    As wanted, moderators can let this thread or delete it :-)
    Now I can start to play with zimbra ... after two days of headacke

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    No thread found with this topic so, I use mine.

    Does anyone of you can tell me what is the best solution to integrate zimbra in a computer parc ? Mine is composed of two servers (backup, gateway) and some workstations.

    I saw in other topics that you not recommand to activate a firewall on the zimbra server. My gateway has its proper mail, mysql and apache services. Does zimbra can cohabite with all of these services ?
    If I modify zimbra's configuration files to include my webpages, my private mailing service and my databases, will it causes problems during update of zimbra ?


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