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Thread: Anybody install Zimbra onto openvz or virtuozzo

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    Default Open VZ and Zimbra

    Hi KevinH

    I think you are right certainly for the time being. Open VZ standard which will run on machines with up to 4Gb RAM has a limit on the virtula machine
    RAM size of 700 and something Mb.

    The enterprise version which will run if you have more than 4Gb RAM will allocate over 3Gb to any virtual server if it is avaible.

    Hence Zimbra is not getting enough RAM for some reason and the MTA stops.

    So use Enterprise Open VZ

    In the long run it would be nice to pick ready configured operating system templates off the peg.

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    Default Maybe this How-to will help

    I just completed installing Zimbra on Openvz on Centos. There is another thread, too, but I am posting here because to the people who will only follow this thread it might create an impression that Zimbra won't work with OpenVZ. I followed it and wasn't going to experiment - but someone convinced me to try and succeeded.
    So, here is the How-to:


    Chintan Zaveri.

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