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Thread: logger installed twice

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    Default logger installed twice

    Original install was server-1 antispam, antivirus, ldap, mailbox, mta, snmp & spell

    I was going to migrate to a second box so I installed everything on server-2

    for various reasons I am aborting the migration to server-2 and I need to move logger back to server-1

    Additionally I have unresolved errors on server-1 as it continues to look for logger on localhost.

    So how do I shutdown logger on server-2. enable on server-1 and optionally a) point server-2 to logger on server-1 b) as part of the demise of server-2 tell server-2 that there is no logger running anywhere

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    Most of that type of config is located in zmlocalconfig
    Run that to see what you got.

    Then, to change it, you run
    zmlocalconfig -e (what you want to change)

    For example, if I wanted this host to NOT be the LDAP master, the command would be
    zmlocalconfig -e ldap_is_master=false

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