When I started with zimbra I had it create a domain that is inactive and could be used for testing. Now moving into production I would like to modify some of the basics of the install to reflect the real domain and remove the original domain. As far as I can tell the things I will need to fix are:
move the two training accounts into the real domain
use zmprov modifyConfig to update the zimbraSpamIsNotSpamAccount and zimbraSpamIsSpamAccount
use zmnlocalconfig to update av_notify_user, smtp_destination and smtp_source to point to a valid address in the new account.

I have a couple questions:
Is all of this safe, are there gotchas I'm missing that will cause problems?
Can the av_notify_user be blank if we don't want A/V notifications at all?
I assume smtp_destination and smtp_source refer to admin notification emails, correct? Can these be set to a distribution list address?