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Thread: M2 -> ready for FreeBSD?

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    Default M2 -> ready for FreeBSD?

    I'm back, still wanting to get Zimbra running on FreeBSD. Before I was trying to bring it up on Gentoo first, and I still may, since it's a different system than my main, FreeBSD server, but now that I have differnt Webmail options on the server, I'd love to have Zimbra right next to it. My BSD mailserver consists of postfix, mailscanner, spamassassin, clamav, dcc, dovecot and procmail. Everything works, mail goes through the chain, is handed off to procmail which does the server side filtering and drops it into the correct /home/$USER/Maildir. Currently I have Squirrelmail, Horde/IMP and Roundcubemail setup and running as my webmail frontends, and they all work great with this setup. I would like to drop Zimbra into this configuration, but as you can see I do not need to setup LDAP, postfix, etc., so, is there a way to make Zimbra act just as a webclient as I have these others setup? It's so nice, and I'd really like to try it out against the others on the same server; would be a good way to judge performance as well.

    I remember being told that by M2 this would be easier to accomplish, so I'm hoping there's a way. Hey, I'll write a complete HOWTO if I can get it running! As always, thanks Kevin!


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    Well some things will be easier but you seem to be pushing the envelop!

    Can you have procmail forward a copy to Zimbra via LMTP? If so then your all set. Just ldapsync the mail from dovecot to get started and after that procmail should keep them in sync. Of course you end up with double storage but I can tell this is more of an experiment at this point. So starting with source you can build the Zimbra server and client only and just get us the mail via LMTP.

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