Hi All,

I've just started to install Zimbra for my company and are having some issues around hostname and/or FQDN or something else.

I want to have in the email headers the correct name of the sending/receiving server. I'm trying to avoid the chance of being caught up in SPAM with an invalid domain name. See below

220 mail.star.domain ESMTP Postfix
> HELO edit.dnsvr.com
< 250 mail.star.domain
< 250 Ok
< 250 Ok
< 354 End data with .

If you look at the 3rd line, the Zimbra server is responding with the hostname of my server, but I want it to show the true name of mail.star.com.au, I have tried changing all the referances to that name in the zimbra config and install. I even changed my MX record to reflect it, but no change. Zimbra just seems to use the name of the server and not what I want.

Please can anyone help me sort this one out, and before anyone jumps in and says, "just change your hostname of your server" that is not what I want, I need to keep all of my servers on their current domain of star.domain