I'm starting a new thread (I was in the zimbraAdmin won't listen on port 7071).

So, I wiped my system clean. Installed a fresh copy of CentOS 4.4 running as DomU (Xen). I made sure to install the xen glibc RPMs, so ti should be running right. The system meets the requirements.

I start the zimbra installer. There were some errors about not being able to write files to /tmp, but that was because /tmp only had write access for root. I changed the permissions there and solved that. I go to the zimbraAdmin login panel, and try to login and nothing happens (it freezes). There are a bunch of errors in the logs.

This is the output of the installer: http://pastie.caboo.se/51891

/opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log: http://pastie.caboo.se/51892

/var/log/zimbra.log: http://pastie.caboo.se/51893

/opt/zimbra/tomcat/logs/catalina.out: http://pastie.caboo.se/51895

Any ideas?