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Thread: Zimbra MySQL and Apache

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    Default Zimbra MySQL and Apache

    I have installed Zimbra and i am using this excelent mail server but i have two questions. If zimbra is up, Can't I use the Web Server Apache services ? in order to have in the same time Zimbra Services and Web Services.

    Also i need to know if zimbra is running, Can't i use MySQL to use with others databases ?

    If the answers are affirmatives could you help me to configurate at the same time Zimbra, Web Server and MySQL, I am using Linux OpenSUSE 10.2.

    Thanks in advance

    Alfonso Gordillo

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    The answer is no, you shouldn't use any of the Zimbra services for anything other than Zimbra. For one thing you'd lose your data during an upgrade, for another you'd impact the performance (and possibly it's stability) of Zimbra.


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