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Thread: M2 IMAP and SSL issue

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    Default M2 IMAP and SSL issue


    I did the upgrade and I cna log in using the regular web interface and everything is dandy there. The problem is I was using IMAP (SSL) to get my mail and now it does not work. When I use IMAP w/o SSL the password does not work, although on the web interface the password works fine. Also, https: use to work and now it does not respond., it only responds for Zimbra admin on port 7071.

    On a side note: I had the M1 installed where I was able to have my web server monitor port 80 and had zimbra monitoring port 443 .... please tell me I can stil do thsi with some sort of hack. I would be eternally grateful to get back to the way it worked before.

    BTW . I don't think this is a firewall issue ( it was working before using these ports).

    -- George

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    I had to tick the option for imap to accept plain passwords and restart zimbra before imap would accept non ssl connections. This is unticked by default


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