I am a complete newbie to both linux and zimbra. I have installed zimbra a few times now onto Ubuntu 6.10 but I am having difficulties in correctly configuring multiple domains.

I have to set up 6 domains on the server, I had my server named mail..com and that was my default doamin for my zimbra installation. I used 'Internal' for authenication, we are only starting to build a network so I assumed that this is an internal LDAP for zimbra.

I then created a new domain, doamin2.com and a user account for that domain. I changed my DNS to for domain2.com and when I ping mail.domain2.com I get the correct ip returned. However when I try to connect via outlook to domain2 email account I get a POP3 server error. If I try and email the account@domain2.com I get a 550 User not identified (I think this was it) and if I telnet mail.domain2.com 25 I get 220 mail.domain1.com returned.

I have opened the 25 and 110 ports on the firewall etc.

I am sorry but I am not an email admin but have be 'asked' to set this up.

Does anyone have any suggestions or know of a good 'how to' doco?

Does it have anything to do with Virtual Hosts?

Any help greatly appreciated