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Thread: How to install Zimbra Debian 3.1 binaries on Debian Etch 4.0 [Workaround]

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    Default How to install Zimbra Debian 3.1 binaries on Debian Etch 4.0 [Workaround]

    Original Post:
    Before you start, *setup your DNS*. Zimbra install is very sensitive to correct DNS setup, particularly /etc/hosts and forward resolution of the hostname you are installing on as returned from hostname. Search wiki/forum for correct DNS setup.

    change /etc/debian_version to 3.1
    apt-get install sudo curl fetchmail libgmp3c2 libssl0.9.7 libdb3
    chmod a+rwx /tmp

    tar -xzf
    cd zcs/

    clean out previous attempts:
    sh install -u
    rm -rf /opt/zimbra
    rm /tmp/install*
    rm /tmp/zmsetup*
    rm /tmp/*zim*

    change util/
    if [ $PLATFORM = "UBUNTU6"]; then
    if [ $PLATFORM = "UBUNTU6" -o $PLATFORM = "DEBIAN3.1" ]; then


    Strangely detects hostname as domainname (never quite understood why it does this). Select 'Yes' for "Change domain name", change to domainname "" instead of ""

    If you haven't set your MX yet, ignore (you'll need to set this later but its fine for install):
    DNS ERROR - none of the MX records for
    resolve to this host
    It is suggested that the MX record resolve to this host
    Re-Enter domain name? [Yes]
    ^^ Choose "No"

    Install Menu: Choose 6 for zimbra-store, 4 for Admin Password, enter password, 'r' or for previous menu, 'a' to apply, Enter for next two questions:
    Save configuration data to a file? [Yes]
    Save config in file: [/opt/zimbra/config.15938]
    Then 'Yes' for: The system will be modified - continue? [No] yes

    Checkout output carefully for *any* errors, should install fine.

    You can change /etc/debian_version back to 4.0 after install but you'll have to change it for each upgrade
    I suggest so makes this thread sticky. The above Posting is hidden somewhere in another thread and it would have saved me a lot of trouble had i found it right at the beginning!
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