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Thread: zmcertinstall deprecated?

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    Question zmcertinstall deprecated?


    Just playing with some commercial certs at the moment and wondered if the wiki entries on installation were the preferred route or whether the zmcertinstall is still valid?

    Couldn't see much about zmcertinstall in the last 8 months or so other than related to self signed. So to save a wasted afternoon of reinstalls and hacking wondered if the wiki way is best! I suspect so long as you have both crt and key files it should work?

    Also wondered as some certs have intermediate and in the godaddy and similar cases cross intermediate certs should these both be appended to the server crt file?

    When I have it clear in my head happy to write an extra howto bit for all but dont want to repeat work already done ;-)


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    Most users use the wiki because it's easier, as it pretty much spells out what to do if. .. .

    However, zmcertinstall isn't deprecated. It's mostly used for self signed certs.

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