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Thread: zmtrainsa permission errorss

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    Red face zmtrainsa permission errorss

    I am running 4.5.4 debian open source.

    I noticed permission errors in the spamtrain.log so I tried to run zmtrainsa manually.

    I get the following:

    [] WARN: exception occurred fetching message HTTP GET failed: /service/user/ 403: permission denied: you do not have sufficient permissions
    at com.zimbra.cs.util.SpamExtract.extractMessage0(Spa
    at com.zimbra.cs.util.SpamExtract.extractMessage(Spam
    at com.zimbra.cs.util.SpamExtract.extract(SpamExtract .java:254)
    at com.zimbra.cs.util.SpamExtract.main(SpamExtract.ja va:202)
    [] INFO: Total messages processed: 640
    Learned from 0 message(s) (0 message(s) examined).
    Learned from 0 message(s) (0 message(s) examined).
    bayes: synced databases from journal in 0 seconds: 159 unique entries (302 total entries)

    for every email in ham and spam.

    I thought this was fixed in 4.5.1?

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    Yeah, so did I.
    Can you amend the bug with this info (do a search, I don't know the bug #). Leave it up to matt or QA to open it if they can repo.


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