Hi all,

I am trying to understand what Zimbra is. I have looked at the demo which is impressive and it even seems that there is an integration with salesforce.

The thing is, can you only install and use the whole package or can you also easily use just one part of the package lets say the mail part?

And if so, how do you split the Zimbra package to only use that what you need?

Furthermore I would like to have some ideas of how to integrate Zimbra with another CRM package just like salesforce. Where to start, what are the difficulties and are there any documents regarding integration?

In addition I am wondering if all code is completely open source in order to change whatever you want?

Finally I would like to know how to proceed with an install. I have a shared server on which I can freely install products so I guess it should be possible for me to install it on that server.

Summary of questions:
1) Do you have to install the whole package or can you install also just mail.
2) If so how do you split the zimbra package ending up just with what you need.
3) How do you integrate zimbra (or parts) with other CRM packages like has been done with salesforce at the moment.
4) Is all code completely open source so that you can change whatever you want.
5) How to install zimbra on a server.

Any addition info will be highly appreciated.