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Thread: Installing Zimbra 4.5.4 on MacOS

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    Default Installing Zimbra 4.5.4 on MacOS

    Hi All,

    I was trying to install Zimbra on my Intel Mac but rigth now I'm completely lost.
    When trying to run I first got the message that Java 1.5 was not installed. Well after doing this and re-setting the default java version to 1.5 it actally worken when logged on as su.
    However, executing still brought up "Upgrade failed". I googled a while and found something that might help me- as I thought. I added the line


    if (! $newinstall && ($prevVersion ne $curVersion )) {

    but as it seems that the programm still wants a current version (well I was installing it, not upgrading), I added the line


    as well. Not it runs (well that's what I thought basically).

    However, it got stuck on some point. The last message after I terminated it was

    Notify Zimbra of your installation? [Yes] No
    Notification skipped
    Starting servers...Done.
    Installing zimlets...
    Initializing Documents...ERROR: service.FAILURE (system failure: getDirectContext) (cause: javax.naming.CommunicationException alexandra-mittermeiers-computer.local:389)
    failed to initialize documents...see logfile for details.
    Restarting tomcat...

    Does anybody know what to do?
    Thanks Alexandra

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    .ERROR: service.FAILURE (system failure: getDirectContext) (cause: javax.naming.CommunicationException alexandra-mittermeiers-computer.local:389)
    Hi, and welcome to the Zimbra Forums!

    Did you follow the installation guide? It looks like there might be a hostsfile issue.


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    Yes, I pretty much did, up to the point I had to run ./

    It seems as whether quite some people have problems to install Zimbra on MacOS. But does this hostfile-issue that you mentioned, really cause the installation to fail? I'm really not an expert on this but is this not something that one could configure later as well?

    Anyway, searching the forums I found some people that had to change their host file. I'll check that later and see whether this works. But it seems as whether they had some other issues, not a problem when trying to execute ./


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    The hosts file needs to be correct during the install, you also need correct DNS A & MX records set-up.


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    I've had a 4.5.4 OSE test server running for about a week under MacOS 10.4.9 on an old G4. It is critical to set up your DNS before attempting installation. Voice of experience here. You don't want to try and change the defaults while setting up Zimbra. An easy test of your DNS is to have a unique name in Sharing preferences>Computer Name. If your DNS records are OK, and Network preferences is set to the DNS server with those records, when you launch Terminal you will see the DNS name, not the Sharing preference name. I'm still learning Zimbra, but I can send and receive email to my primary server with webmail.

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