Hi All,

I was trying to install Zimbra on my Intel Mac but rigth now I'm completely lost.
When trying to run zmsetup.pl I first got the message that Java 1.5 was not installed. Well after doing this and re-setting the default java version to 1.5 it actally worken when logged on as su.
However, executing zmsetup.pl still brought up "Upgrade failed". I googled a while and found something that might help me- as I thought. I added the line


if (! $newinstall && ($prevVersion ne $curVersion )) {

but as it seems that the programm still wants a current version (well I was installing it, not upgrading), I added the line


as well. Not it runs (well that's what I thought basically).

However, it got stuck on some point. The last message after I terminated it was

Notify Zimbra of your installation? [Yes] No
Notification skipped
Starting servers...Done.
Installing zimlets...
Initializing Documents...ERROR: service.FAILURE (system failure: getDirectContext) (cause: javax.naming.CommunicationException alexandra-mittermeiers-computer.local:389)
failed to initialize documents...see logfile for details.
Restarting tomcat...

Does anybody know what to do?
Thanks Alexandra