I seem to have hit another roadblock...

As the zimbra user:

zmcontrol start
Starting ldap...Done.
Starting antispam...Done.
Starting antivirus...Done.
Starting logger...Done.
Starting mailbox...Done.
Starting mta...Done.
Starting snmp...Done.
Starting spell...Done.

zmcontrol status
antispam Running
antivirus Running
ldap Running
logger Running
mailbox Stopped
mta Running
snmp Running
spell Running

So I did some digging and tried starting the mysql.server directly:

202:/opt/zimbra/mysql/bin zimbra$ mysql.server start
202:/opt/zimbra/mysql/bin zimbra$ chown: /opt/zimbra/log/mysqld.log: Operation not permitted
Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /opt/zimbra/db/data
STOPPING server from pid file /opt/zimbra/db/mysql.pid
051123 13:47:31 mysqld ended

I changed permissions (chown and chmod) on the files suggested and still no joy.