Afternoon folks. I'm gonna be upfront and explain that I'm not a Linux expert or a Zimbra expert.

I'm trying to get Zimbra Network 4.5.5 to install and run on a new install of Redhat Enterprise Linux ES 4 Update 5. After following the instructions on the install guide, and browsing the forums here for the past couple of days I've tried to look for a solution to my problem but to no avail. Let me first explain what is setup so far.

  • RHEL4U5 Installed with no server processes installed other than DNS (MySQL/Apache/Mail/etc. not installed)
  • I followed the instructions on the Wiki for setting up a SplitDNS server, since our Zimbra server will be behind a firewall.
  • After those were done I installed Zimbra as per the Installation Guide.

For the SplitDNS, I was able to run the 2 tests provided in the instructions and got:

With this setup, I am able to see:

I figured with this good to go, the LDAP portion should be working fine. Now, when I do a zmcontrol status to see what's running I get:

Ok.. Let's try to start the MTA manually with zmmtactl start. At the end of the screen scrolling I see:

First problem is that I cannot get the MTA to stay running. It tries to start but stops immediately after the start is issued. Anything else I should check or try?

Thank you for taking the time to read this,