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Thread: zimbra email dns setup

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    Default zimbra email dns setup


    i want to pick up my mail from a stored pop3 folder our mail server and filter it into the user folders onto the zimbra server.

    our domain is

    i have set the email server as

    i have followed the setup guide and setup a split DNS setup for the domain also
    i checked the split DNS is working, and it resolved to the server zimbra is on

    zimbra is installed and running fine

    but my issue is with the domain setup some where it seems

    the server is using
    instead of

    as when i try to send an email from a user to a user (internal) i get this error
    The Postfix program

    : host[]
    said: 550 : Sender address rejected: Domain
    not found (in reply to MAIL FROM command)

    where as if i send email to
    it will sort the email to the local user no problem!

    i am not sure where i have gone wrong i have read over the install and searched the split dns on wiki and forum and my setup match's up to others here.

    thank you for your time and help
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