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    Default OpenExchange

    I'm considering strongly upgrading from OpenExchange 4.1 to Zimbra. Very little support or users for OpenExchange.

    I currently have OpenExchange in production and it is critical to our business at this time. I'd like to set up a test zimbra server, so I assume it will have to have a different domain.

    Our current domain is, but the MX record is forwarded to a company called mailprotector which basically scans for spam and virus, before forwarding it to our OpenExchange server, which of course, accepts it.

    I keep reading that to make Zimbra work the MX record for the domain must resolve back to the Zimbra server. I am setting up an ubuntu machine with a static IP address that is NOT behind a router. The IP address will be and the test domain will be and the actual host will be

    I have complete control over the MX record. To make Zimbra work correctly do I point the MX record to the IP address I did that but the dns reports all gripe that it isn't a FQDN? Is this OK?

    Please advise and thanks very much.

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    Not sure if it meets your needs, but have you looked at the Split Domain wiki page? If you can setup a dummy/test account in your live domain and figure out a way to get OpenExchange to forward email for this account only over to the Zimbra server it might be easier than going through all the steps of setting up a separate domain for testing.

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    you don't have to have mx record set 'correctly' - the installer will get upset and try and warn you the error of your ways, but it should install correctly - it's only incorrect A records it gets really upset with.

    mx records must point to an A record. setup an A record and point the mx to that.

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    Default More on configuration

    Thank you both for your help. I'm trying to understand the best way to do this.

    Here is our current configuration, which is working and I don't want to screw it up. I would however like to test Zimbra.


    mx records?
    10 [TTL=14400] IP= (No Glue) [TTL=600] [US]
    20 [TTL=14400] IP= (No Glue) [TTL=600] [US]

    Upon receiving email for, then virtual connect scans for virus and spam, and forwards them to:

    which is our static IP address, which is a router.

    Next, the router forwards port 25 to a computer with an internal, static ip address running OpenExchange.

    Given this current configuration, I'm trying to make a plan to install Zimbra and test it without screwing up my current mail server.

    The biggest thing I'm stuck on now, is how to make sure the "MX" an "A" records are correct given my current situation.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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