Howdy! I'm excited about the potential of deploying Zimbra for one of my businesses. I run a server out of a colocation, which is in heavy production use for several domains, running various Open Source utilities (mail, imap, web, webmail, ldap, spam filtering, etc...).

I do NOT want to interrupt these services for Zimbra - but I DO want to install Zimbra, and have it's services ONLY bind to a single IP address on the box. I have several ipaliases setup on the box, so I have multiple IPs on the eth0 interface.

It seems to me that the Zimbra installer is all slick, but not able to install and bind only to the single IP address I want to specify.

Does anyone out there know how to install (if at all possible) Zimbra in an environment like this?

I've done numerous searches throughout the forums, but I'm not finding anything, since all my keywords seem to be a bit too generic to hone in on any other previous solution...

Thanks a TON in advance to any help or pointers out there!