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Thread: Problem Upgrading to 4.5.5 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

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    Default Problem Upgrading to 4.5.5 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

    In case someone also runs into this problem, I though I would post my experience in upgrading to open source version 4.5.5 from open source version 4.5.3 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. The install package is zcs-4.5.5_GA_838.UBUNTU6.tgz.

    On first attempt, the install script gave the following error message
    Checking for prerequisites...
    sudo...FOUND sudo-1.6.8p12-1ubuntu6
    libidn11...FOUND libidn11-0.5.18-1
    curl...FOUND curl-7.15.1-1ubuntu2
    fetchmail...FOUND fetchmail-6.3.2-2ubuntu2.1
    libpcre3...FOUND libpcre3-6.4-1.1ubuntu4
    libgmp3c2...FOUND libgmp3c2-4.1.4-11ubuntu2
    libexpat1...FOUND libexpat1-1.95.8-3
    libxml2...FOUND libxml2-2.6.24.dfsg-1ubuntu1
    libstdc++6...FOUND libstdc++6-4.0.3-1ubuntu5
    openssl...FOUND openssl-0.9.8a-7ubuntu0.3


    One or more prerequisite packages are missing.
    Please install them before running this installer.

    Installation cancelled.

    To install the missing package I used
    $ sudo apt-get install libstdc++5

    The install script then ran to completion flawlessly.

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    Same problem here. Fix was easy peasy, fortunately.

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