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Thread: user-level definitions instead of domain-level

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    Default user-level definitions instead of domain-level


    We're currently conducting an assessment on Zimbra, which we'd like to deploy in a client's infrastructure with 90k active mailboxes and 500k inactive (not used in 6 months) mailboxes.
    One of the features our client wants to implement is the ability to define per-user (or per user-group) quotas, A/V and/or S/A activation, etc, so they can implement multiple service levels.
    I'm aware of the fact that we can implement this scenario using different domains, but the client has a similar service (which they intend to migrate) using a single domain and they intend to keep using a single domain.

    Is this possible (even if we need to talk directly to the LDAP server, and ignore Zimbra's management interface) or is this a no-no?

    Thank you for your time,
    Ricardo Oliveira

    Ricardo Manuel Oliveira
    CTO @ Eurotux - Informatica, SA

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    Look on the Admin UI in Accounts account/Advanced tab for the per user quotes setting, the per user spam settings are not available yet. Search bugzilla for the RFE for per user spam settings.


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    also you can assign mailbox quota's in different COS's to do 'groups'
    but ya-per user av/spam isn't implemented yet

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