I have a gentoo server that I would like to put Zimbra (network professional version) on it. I have been doing my home work, but I still have a few questions. What it seems to come down to is installing debian + Zimbra in a chroot or doing a manual build from the SVN (as I understand it there are no stable source tar balls?). I don't really like the idea of installing debian in chroot as it requires a lot of overhead and extra maintenance. Installing from SVN seems a little unusual for a production environment.

So I have a questions. The server already has postfix, amavisd, mysql, etc, that Zimbra requires. You suggest using the Zimbra versions of the programs for compatibility and maintenance reasons. Does Zimbra modify more than just the configurations of these programs? Are they modified builds?

Am I asking for a world of pain by doing manual installs? I run 64bit gentoo, and it seems a shame run Zimbra in debian in 32bit mode. Besides the whole point of gentoo is to build from source