hi all, newbie here

following the instructions in:

i reached point 8:

8 Reload your Zimbra Admin to initialize the extensions. When the extensions are loaded for the first time, they will check if OUs defined by ldapMachineSuffix and ldapGroupSuffix propertiesin config_template.xml files exist and create these OUs, if they do not exist.

... but i cannot login as admin: it hangs, just "loading..."
this happens only for admin-logins, not for user-logins

in the end i found out:

---deleting the two directories:

and doing "tomcat restart" everything runs smoothly.

the console shows even the two extensions as deployed.

putting them back in place, tomcat hangs on admin-login again.

i am running zimbra 4.5.5 community version on ubuntu 6.0.6

thanks for help