I know that there is a an older link for this... IMHO it's dated and needs to be re-addressed.
The google calendar connector did not seem to work.. I usered Lightning's new version (.5a) I think at the moment.

Through testing, I was able to have mozilla lightning.xpi view my "main user" calendar. I was NOT able to have modifications done in Lightning push back to Zimbra's calendar using the same url to Publish".

Do zimbras security levels that enable calendar sharing work to enable user accounts to view calendars within mozilla TB (via the prompted ics webcal passeord prompt) ?

EX. => I share my "test" calendar with the zimbra user DAN@domain.com can DAN@domain.com view it from Mozilla TB/Lightning using his username password?
What are the correct URLS? Is the google calendat xpi still neede? waht is being done incorrectly on my part. If this function is operational it is THE SELLING point for zimbra OSE.
If I can push these calendars and contacts to my treo 700p (which seems to work so far)
This is THE selling point for Zimbra NE.
This product is soo close to being the perfect Linux suite....