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Thread: Debian Etch problem !

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    Unhappy Debian Etch problem !

    Hi everyone. I have a *** problem with Zimbra in distribution Debian Etch (4.0). The problem is when I enter to the install directory the ./ script in first look everything look likes ok but when it ask me to Press Return to continues... a big **** splash on my screen

    Checking for prerequisites...

    So I'm not new in Debian I'm using it for server alot of time so I check all this missing dependencies and try it to install them but the system tell me that all of them are installed. I looked in forum and I read everything about how to change configuration scripts to work in Etch but nothing. I modify in line
    if [ $PLATFORM = "DEBIAN4.0" -o $PLATFORM = " UBUNTU6" ]; then. I change and the if [ =f /etc/debian+version];then .....the grep "4.0" ... but still nothing. I tried to find in scripts the route to every of these packages and modify it but i cant. I don't know what to do it so i bag for help.
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    Please modify your language when posting on these forums.

    You do realise that the version of Debain that you're trying to instll on is an unsupported operating system don't you? You'll have to try the solutions you find in the forums, build from source or wait for a Debian user (I'm not one) to help you.


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