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Thread: Debian Etch problem !

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    Unhappy Debian Etch problem !

    Hi everyone. I have a *** problem with Zimbra in distribution Debian Etch (4.0). The problem is when I enter to the install directory the ./ script in first look everything look likes ok but when it ask me to Press Return to continues... a big **** splash on my screen

    Checking for prerequisites...

    So I'm not new in Debian I'm using it for server alot of time so I check all this missing dependencies and try it to install them but the system tell me that all of them are installed. I looked in forum and I read everything about how to change configuration scripts to work in Etch but nothing. I modify in line
    if [ $PLATFORM = "DEBIAN4.0" -o $PLATFORM = " UBUNTU6" ]; then. I change and the if [ =f /etc/debian+version];then .....the grep "4.0" ... but still nothing. I tried to find in scripts the route to every of these packages and modify it but i cant. I don't know what to do it so i bag for help.
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