Installing on Fedora Core 3... Get to the install step "Starting Servers..." and install hangs. I note in the mysql log the following:

InnoDB: Setting log file ./ib_logfile0 size to 14 MB
InnoDB: Database physically writes the file full: wait...
InnoDB: Error: ib_logfiles are too small for innodb_thread_concurrency 200.
InnoDB: The combined size of ib_logfiles should be bigger than
InnoDB: 200 kB * innodb_thread_concurrency.
InnoDB: To get mysqld to start up, set innodb_thread_concurrency in my.cnf
InnoDB: to a lower value, for example, to 8. After an ERROR-FREE shutdown
InnoDB: of mysqld you can adjust the size of ib_logfiles, as explained in
InnoDB: Cannot continue operation. Calling exit(1).
050908 20:59:52 mysqld ended

Any way to get past this? Thanks.