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Thread: Basic Active Directory setup question

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    Default Basic Active Directory setup question

    I've just done an install on CentOS4.2 - It's now in a config screen, that's got:

    2) Ldap master host:
    3) Ldap port: 389
    4) Ldap password: set
    5) zimbra-ldap: Enabled
    +Create Domain: yes
    +Domain to create:
    +Create Admin User: yes
    +Admin user to create:
    ******* +Admin Password UNSET

    Do I set the Ldap master host to my AD server?

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    Search for "active directory" here:
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    Default Am I blind?

    I've seen several posts saying search that PDF, but that doesn't answer the question I asked. I do see it talks about some domain attributes, though I'm not sure if thats something that's to be added into the local OpenLDAP server or what. I do see mention that users need to be in both OpenLDAP and AD, yet I'm unsure if this is someting I need to create manualy, or is created automaticaly. So ya, there's info there that sheds some light, but not enough to help me on my way down the path

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    Default ok, now i got it

    i didn't realise i needed to basicaly accept (slight changes) to the initial screen, then go to the zimbraAdmin tool to setup the authentication

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