I am attempting to create new user accounts in Zimbra. I have it set to use internal authentication.

When I go through the create a new account wizard I can fill in the fields and create the account. Then if I attempt to edit the user or delete it I get the following error:

Message:  system failure: createMailboxDatabase(13)
Error code:  service.FAILURE
Method:  ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke
If I try to login as the user through the webmail client I get the exact same error:

msg - system failure: createMailboxDatabase(13)
code - service.FAILURE
method - ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke
detail - soap:Receiver
I am running Zimbra 4.5.5 and CentOS 4.4. I have recently run zmfixperms as root. According to the service monitor all services are running just fine. Any existing accounts continue to work.