Hi all.

We're trying to setup a clustered Zimbra using RHCS.

We're currently stuck at the end of page 5 in the documentation.

RH 4.4 U5 is setup on both nodes.
RHCS tools are setup on the nodes but not configured yet (as per the Zimbra's documentation).

The initial Zimbra cluster setup is done (users and groups creation).

First time launch of install.sh on the "active node" is done.
But installation stops with
Initializing ldap...daemon: bind(7) failed errno=99 (Cannot assign requested address)
slap_open_listener: failed on ldap://zimbra.univers.fr:389
ERROR - failed to start slapd
The error seems very normal as LDAP host was setup (step 3 of the documentation) to be the "cluster service hostname".
But the Red Hat cluster not being setup yet, it obviously does not work.

What is supposed to be done now ?