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Thread: HELP external AD or ldap query returns empty

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    Unhappy HELP external AD or ldap query returns empty

    OK, so I have AD authentication working fine, but when I try to setup the GAL to pull from either AD or ldap to the AD server; it returns success with no results. I did a search and couldn't find any resolution, except for that post where the user ran an ldapsearch query. So I tried installing ldapsearch and when I tried to run it I got a vendor mismatch error. Has anyone resolved this empty results error?

    I'm running win2000 server as my domain controller, I did find a reference in the forums to using adsiedit to set mailnickname, apparently the user required that in order for ldap to work; but I cannot add that as my schema doesn't have exchange. I have tried using a machine name + domain name and the test results are still successful with no information. Also, I am using the following filter in ldap mode:

    I figured out the problem(yay for me), my ldap filter was missing a "(" at the beginning.
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