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Thread: RAM requirements

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    Default RAM requirements

    I was looking at the hardware requirements for Zimbra and am a little worried. My server only has 512MB of RAM.

    I'm not looking to do more than probably 30emails a day. There will be maybe emails setup for 10 domains and I am the only user. All I need is a simple email server that is easy to setup: so far Postfix, Sendmail, Exim are not easy to setup.

    I don't need the webmail, or any of the group messenging things.

    I am wondering if I will really need the recommended 2GB of RAM for this. I am guessing that mostly all will have running will be the Zimbra Postfix MTA and the POP server. Does this really need 2GB for this?
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    On a low use system you could probably get away with the 512MB but performance will be better with more RAM, for your server 1GB would do. It would also depend on whether you're running anything else on the srever and what it is.

    There's several threads in the forum (maybe the wiki, as well) about reducing the memory footprint of Zimbra, have a search and check them out.


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    thanks Bill, I'll check that out!

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