I am attempting to install Ubuntu 6.06 server. Long story short. I installed a demo server on Debian. Our Exchange server crashed and we dumped onto demo server since it was already configured. (Exchange server is beyond repair, long story there). We decided to look at Zimbra as a complete replacement. So now I am left with the task of trying to install the NE of Zimbra. So first I installed Ubuntu 6.06.

Using some instructions given to me by zimbra, I copied the old /opt/zimbra folder from the old server. Put it on the new server (new install on same machine) and then ran the open source edition for ubuntu installer using the install.sh -s option.

Now I can't seem to access our zimbra server. As best as I can tell it is running, but I can't access port 80 on the server. Maybe it's a firewall, I'm not sure, but I'm also not that familiar with Ubuntu.

I am trying to get this working tonight, so any help is greatly appreciated.