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Thread: Fallback server with Network Professional Ed. on Ubuntu

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    Default Fallback server with Network Professional Ed. on Ubuntu


    Planning on purchasing the Netwrok Professional Edition and currently evaluating its trial, the question of a fallbackserver occurred. Our main goal is to provide a hosted ZCS environment for customers, with the possibility to login to an alternative webinterface and/or use an alternative POP/IMAP server when our primary server goes down.

    In concreto, we have the following questions :
    1. is this possible at all with one license ?
    2. is there a possibility to synchronize both servers in an automated way ?
    3. is there any documentation on this ?

    We are using the Ubuntu 6.06 LTS server.

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    Default Fallbacks & Clustering

    License just affects the number of users services available-not the number of machines you can install zimbra on:
    Quote Originally Posted by gmsmith View Post
    There are no additional software licenses required from Zimbra to introduce a cluster, however introducing a cluster requires some common storage between the two servers (shared disc, san, something..), fencing, and some other things. You may want to look at: 1.3.Â*Cluster Infrastructure
    Yes I know you said ubuntu but bear with me-reasoning i'm mentioning RH is because you will get plenty of support from Zimbra on it:
    Quote Originally Posted by mmorse View Post
    A little more involved than that-most make use of a SAN
    RHCS methods:
    Clustering on single-node config
    Clustering on multi-node configs
    -and people often fail to follow the multi-node cluster upgrading procedures for that

    Your not changing the amount of users-no license change to Zimbra. RHCS pricing though.

    For large companies or those who want serious reliability for the mailboxes-it's worth doing. -everyone's needs are different, and there are many ways to do clustering as well, but zimbra (the company) can't be expected to cover them all with support

    WIKI multi-server stuff
    OS multi-server install guide
    NE multi-server install guide
    Now if your set on ubuntu-you might see if this can do the job:
    Ubuntu -- heartbeat

    Also look into:
    The Linux Virtual Server Project
    Linux-HA heartbeat package
    Piranha -another red hat product
    The list goes on...and on...
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    Clustering is only supported on Red Hat (with Red Hat Cluster Suite), anything else won't.

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    Default More than one way to skin a cat...

    There's more than one way for him to make a 'fallback'

    RHCS on RHEL=supported in NE

    I didn't know how fixed on ubuntu he was-that's why I gave him other ideas to 'see if this can do the job'
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmorse View Post
    I didn't know how fixed on ubuntu he was-that's why I gave him other ideas to 'see if this can do the job'
    A cluster would be the best solution for what he needs but we only support RHCS on RHEL.


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    DCC, ran accross this if your interested:

    Quote Originally Posted by andreychek View Post
    Hey Bill,

    Though not supported by RedHat, Ubuntu or Zimbra, another way to accomplish failover would be to use DRBD and Heartbeat.

    DRBD is basically a form of "network RAID", and heartbeat monitors a server and can make a backup come online in case of a problem.

    The setup is described in this thread:

    Good luck!

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