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Thread: ZimbraOsXAutoLauncher StartupItems Script & extras

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    Arrow ZimbraOsXAutoLauncher StartupItems Script & extras

    this is a followup of this thread:

    My first script :) …
    [Working on mac OsX 10.4.3]

    Well it took me some time… And finally made a script to AutoLaunch zimbra @ startup.

    I you want to use it: do it at your own risks.
    I've not checked security issues yet…and they maybe some regarding your policy as admin

    I don't really know how zimbra gets launched on Other Os, but on OsX, @ least, I, have to log in the user zimbra and fire up a terminal window zmcontrol start, to get it launched.
    After digging around mostly on & I have wrote StartupItems.
    Now I just power up the Mac and I can go. No need to log in, nor go in the terminal anymore… ;-) I love this.

    ZimbraOsXAutoLauncher StartupItems.

    you'll download a.dmg file (140kb) with everything inside :
    a folder ZIMBRALAUNCH and inside the script and the StartupParameters.plist file. and a Readme file to install it.

    I've put it in

    you may put them in :(as root)

    then in terminal:
    cd /system/Library/StartupItems/ZIMBRALAUNCH/
    chmod 755 ../*
    chmod +x /ZIMBRALAUNCH

    that's it.
    # to check if it's working, get a new terminal window and type :
    sudo SystemStarter start ZIMBRALAUNCH
    # You should see some stuff on the screen. no need to interact.
    # Once its Started type :
    sudo SystemStarter restart ZIMBRALAUNCH
    # You should see some stuff on the screen. no need to interact.
    # I've noticed that when I invoque 'zmcontrol stop', I've always some error displaying… but that's ok.
    # it will continue the script and restart tha whole stuff.
    # it should and with :
    antispam Running
    antivirus Running
    ldap Running
    logger Running
    mailbox Running
    mta Running
    snmp Running
    spell Running

    Now you can reboot your mac.

    Extras :
    I've also made 3 executables that I've put in:
    I named them:
    zmautolaunch -> to launch zimbra (aka zmcontrol start)
    zmautostop -> to stop zimbra (aka zmcontrol stop)
    zmautostatus -> to check status (aka zmcontrol status)

    I hear some of you saying what's the point if it's the same as zmcontrol ?

    Well the point is 1: the same as the StartupItems,
    I don't want to have to log in as zimbra to launch and check, etc…
    2) as I've put this files in /usr/bin so it is accessible for everyone who knows the scripts are there (you can put it where you like) and you run it as Your user account no need to log in as zimbra… :-).
    Now, I'm gonna to reinstall 2 or 3 time zimbra, so I can get sure I know the stuff. What I'm gonna do now that I've this scripts is that I'm gonna make the user zimbra with a UID lower than 501 so that it's gonna be invisible at login. A mac could run zimbra on it and user don't even know that it's on.…

    for example :
    I can check with Apple remote Desktop for instance the status of the zimbra server (zmautostatus). and in case restart it(zmautostop - zmautostart).
    I'm gonna do a 4th one for restartfunction.

    AS I can upload here a file, I've made a .zip
    instead of a .dmg (from the finder).

    for those that prefer copy-paste-customise …
    Next post is the code that works like a charm for me.

    AGAIN I ain't no programer it took some hours to get it working.
    If anyone as improvments… go for it.
    I also Have some ideas but as everything works here for me, I'll wait a little to test further.
    This is very fresh I've been testing this the half day now and as it works I post here and upload the files.
    AGAIN BAckup, bla bla, you're warned.
    By the way I've scanned with ClamXAV the .zip… but you can still scan it again on your computer.


    opening my files to cut & paste in the next post right now
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