This is report and to see if anyone else has seen this.
My system is working so there is no problem and this may help someone else.

We have an existing LDAP system for authentication and have configured GAL and Authentication to use the LDAP replica on another machine.

To get GAL and Authentication to initially work the LDAP filter and LDAP search
base needed to have the entries surrounded by parentheses. So I had to use (cn=%u) and (ou=People,cn=xxx,cn=com) to get the test to work when configuring.

However after adding a user the new account couldn't authenticate. Going back into GAL and Authentication for the domain and removing the parentheses allows the LDAP calls to work so the user could authenticate to the external LDAP replica.

I've confirmed this over three installation tests trying to see what the problem was. I did a fourth install for confirmation.

I confirmed the parentheses issue by running OpenLDAP on the replica in debug mode so I could see the responses. The LDAP replica recieved "((" as start of the search after populating the first user.

The user was populated using "zmprov".

If Zimbra dev people want logs let me know. But I'm curious if anyone else is using the rPath appliance with external LDAP and had a similar experience.