I'm not sure I understand what exactly Zimbra does and would really appreciate an explanation. Consider the scenario: I don't own my own server but I have purchased a domain from a third party, namely littlerassociates.com. I have install Zimbra on my local system. Is it possible to retrieve mails from their pop server? This is done by standard email clients if you provide them with the pop server name, port number to conect to (110 if no secure connection) username, and password. Similarly, it is possible with third party webmail service providers who also give you the feature to use pop mail. I don't know what to replace "https:[mailhost.example.com]:7071/zimbraAdmin" with. Again, I would really appreciate a detailed explanation since my networking knowledge is nearly zero. I'd also like to know, once Zimbra is installed on my Fedora Core 4 machine, where the interface is.

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