Just wanted a little sanity check before I went ahead and installed the 5.0 beta on a test server.

Currently in the midst of a slow migration from a Linux/Postfix/POP3 environment to Zimbra. We have things setup in a "Split Domain" configuration, with the "old" server being the boss. My internal MX records point to the old server, so all email for our domain (let's say mydomain.com) comes to this server first. Then I'm using the Postfix transport table on a user by user basis to forward mail for the migrated users over to the Zimbra server. We are using another server as an SMTP server.

My plan is to install the 5.0 beta on the test server and configure it just like the live server; meaning the domain will be "mydomain.com" on both Zimbra servers. I'll then use the transport table mechanism on the old Linux email server to forward email for a few test accounts over to the beta server. So, basically a two way Split Domain setup, with the old server still being in charge of things.

Anyone see any issues with this type of setup? The live Zimbra server is not going to find the beta server and "freak out" in any way because they both are setup for "mydomain.com", is it?