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Thread: Installing on exisiting web farm

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    Question Installing on exisiting web farm

    I am looking for a new webmail client/colaboration suite to replace our current webmail client.
    We currently have 8 redhat web servers in load balance and 1 server which has Exim / Mysql installed.
    All IMAP/pop/smtp authentication is done against the MySql database.

    I would like to install Zimbra in parallel on these 8 servers.
    However I am having trouble doing so since I already have local SMTP/http servers on each server.

    From what I can tell from the documentation, zimbra is kind-of "all or nothing" instalation.
    I figured if decided NOT to install the zimbra-store or zimbra-smp modules then there would be documentation on how to manually integrate zimbra into existing apache/mysql/smtp servers.
    But I have not been able to find such doc.

    I also have a seperate Ubuntu server, which is used for lab tests.
    This server also already has postfix/mysql/apache installed. I would also need to integrate zimbra into those existing services and not turn them off as the documentation estipulates.

    Any advice?

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    Welcome to the forums.

    The only problem you're likely to hit is the other mail services. You can install Zimbra with another MySQL (we use a different port), Apache (it will ask if you want to change the port) so that leaves you with Postfix. Obviously you can't run two mail servers because they both use port 25 - you have a decision to make.


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