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Thread: Clicking "Send", user waits and wiats....

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    Default Clicking "Send", user waits and wiats....

    Anyone found a solution to the "Send" email slow problem?

    Server specs:

    Dual Xeon 2.33GHz
    4GB Ram
    2x 150GB HD's
    Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

    Users: 20'ish

    Using Web Client, some are using Thunderbird.

    When I compose a new email and go to click Send, it hangs for approx. 10 seconds. That is way too slow. All other parts of Zimbra web client work great and respond quickly. This same problem happens for our Thunderbird users as well (using IMAP), clinking send produces a delay.

    Any suggestions?


    Trevor Williams
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    Default Fixed**Clicking "Send", user waits and wiats....

    Looks like I had a DNS problem in resolv.conf. After editing and restarting the networking my "SEND" now is very fast.

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