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Thread: Zimbra internal mails delivery

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    Default Zimbra internal mails delivery

    I've setup my first test server with Zimbra 4.5.5 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. Here's the setup:

    Zimbra (192.x.x.x.) -- Dns (W2k) -- Fw -- Router (80.x.x.x) -- Isp/Ext Dns

    Fw forwards all required ports. All is fine, except I'm wondering about this: when I setup the machine I didn't create the appropriate MX record on the Dns handling our domain yet, so, obviously, I can send but can't receive. But, when I send a mail from one user to another, shouldn't Zimbra deliver it? Shouldn't he know he's the mailserver for the domain he's handling?
    Since the Linux box doesn't know its public Ip, will internal mails be sent outside up to the first router and then back (delay and huge bandwidth waste)?
    Right now the Dns I've set on Zimbra server are those of the W2k AD server; I could set outside Dns's as well, but I don't think this is related to the problem. What should I modify and where so that Zimbra delivers internal mails without making them travel around the world?


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    I would have thought Zimbra would send the message to postfix, postfix looks up the MX record and the email is sent to your real mail server.

    If I'm wrong I'm really going to be interested in the answer from the Zimbra people.

    To get over this we put an MX record that the test machine so the test machine has it's own A and MX records in DNS. It means emails need to have the fully qualified DNS address too.

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    Local delivery uses LMTP and not SMTP. It *should* deliver to itself, even if you don't have an MX records.

    For example, I have a test machine set up on my mac. No DNS whatsoever. The useraccount is admin@john-holders-mac.local
    If I send mail to that, Zimbra uses LMTP to deliver it, and it goes through.

    Take a look at your /var/log/zimbra.log
    That's the Postfix log. If there's something fishy, it's there.

    Good luck,

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    Hello everyone.
    I had same problem with local delivery on a test-system (zcs 4.0.1_GA_324.RHEL4 on CentOS 4.5 installed into VMware server); it took too long for local delivery, 8-10 seconds until mail-queue was flushed and didnt see the messages into Inbox, although found them into /opt/zimbra/store ...
    I unistalled and installed zimbra again, after solved the local-queries for my test-domain (dns and reverse-dns) and now delivery is much faster, almost instantly, and I got the mail-messages.
    My question is: if I need to backup a zcs (same version) on a production-server, with routable ip-address and valid domain and MX record (registered into DNS servers), can I use same registered domain-name but resolved locally for a private ip-address on the backup-machine? Can I use the backup for zcs-upgrade and tests purposes only locally without interfere with the real one? And then transfer the backup (with upgraded version) on the real machine?

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