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Thread: Integrating Zimbra with existing singup software and service setup scripts

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    Default Integrating Zimbra with existing singup software and service setup scripts

    If Zimbra has to use its own MySql and its own openLDAP, then what APIs are available for scripting simple account functions.

    Customer has not paid: Click on Disable Account
    Custumer wants to add and a Zimbra Email: Click on Add
    Customer has canceled service: Disable and Delete Zimbra Account

    Currently we use openLDAP and MySql to authenticate and control services to our customers. This was done because we can script anything and put anything into these DBs, without having six different servers running the same application.

    If we wish to create an account on the Zimbra Server, is there an API showing what information must be created, and where those variable/value pairs should be located?

    Our Accounts console has the entire customers info listed, Broadband, Dialup, email, hosting, domains, remote storage, payment history, etc. From that console we can enable/disable/delete/add, will also add the Zimbra Email services. However, I need something to latch onto within Zimbra, and be able to properly enter info into the proper places.

    Am I making sense?
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    how about zmprov? Would you connect this portal to a back end that can run a script that connects to your box(s) and su zimbra? or do you need to run soap commands?
    for instance
    zmprov ca = create account
    zmprov da = delete account
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    Not sure what you mean by soap commands, but the way our system works:

    The interface is a GUI on a certain machine, it collects all the info and stores it on MySql. When you activate a function (eg Disable a Zimbra EMail), it sends a trigger back to the server and passes the function off to a registration server process. Based on the username, account, line item, and action-request passed to the reg server, the reg server collects the info from the MySql server.

    At this point the reg server will initiate a script (php or perl) which massages the info and alters the LDAP and/or MySql entries per the pre-coded scipts. Any returned status is passed back to the operator at the interface GUI and reports any error, or if successful.

    Added Noted:
    Can one install the Zmprov on a different system, and configure it to point to the correct Zimbra LDAP server?
    Are there any backend tools for the MySql?
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    Robert Canary
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