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Thread: Don't know how to setup A / MX records..Unable to test Zimbra

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    Default Don't know how to setup A / MX records..Unable to test Zimbra

    Hi !
    I've downloaded zcs and tried to install it on a test Pc ( centos 4.4 ) . Currently in my company we are not using MX records as our domain and mails are hosted and managed by our service provider that relays mail to our internal mail server ( qmail) . For sending out e-mails , we are using an SMTP server from another provider ( the one that provides us DSL connectivity) . At the end of the installation I got dns error messages and I'm pretty sure it is related to a wrong (or better missing) specific files configuration.
    So , would you be so kind to point me to the right "direction" . Which are the files involved to be modified ?
    Many thanks

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    You need a local DNS server installed, check the forum thread titled "DNS in a nutshell" and the wiki for split domain.


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    Hi Max!
    I'm almost in the same situation.
    In my company connectivity, domain and mail server are managed by Telecom Italia that relays mail to our internal pop3 mail server. Locally we use a very old Exchange server that dispatch incoming messages to final recipients.
    Now I'm testing Zimbra to move away from Microsoft.
    IP addressing and local DNS resolution are carried out by a debian box with dnsmasq on it. To make my DNS server compliant to Zimbra request i've added only the 'selfmx' parameter to dnsmasq config file.
    Now all works fine.


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