Hello all.. I'm posting my setup here to get some feedback and suggestions to try and find out if Zimbra is the right solution for what I'm trying to do.

First off. My company uses an off-site E-mail solution for pop3/imap mail. They intend to keep it that way for the time being. That being said, they want an internal shared calendar system as well as resource scheduling, etc.. We want the calendars to be accessed not just through the web client, but with outlook/mac connectors.

Here's where it's not making sense to me quite yet. I've installed the trial, and the web interface and connectors are great, but... Since I'm not using Zimbra for mail, how will it work as far as automated emails getting sent when a resource, calendar event, etc. is scheduled? Can Zimbra be configured to send out its mail to/through our existing external mail server? It seems that every client will have to have two accounts configured. One for the external email server, and one for the internal Zimbra resources.

Eventually, I hope to use Zimbra as the mail server, but for the time being can anyone recommend a good procedure for using Zimbra for calendars/resources working together with an external mail server? Thanks a lot.