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Thread: Is this new Server good enough for my company ?

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    Default Is this new Server good enough for my company ?

    Hi there . After a short period of very positive tests, we are going to buy zcs Network professional ( 100 licences). I'm configuring a brand new server dedicated to our new mail & collaboration suite so I'd like to receive some suggestions about technical data.
    Here is the configuration chosen :
    INTEL XEON 2CORE 3040 1.86 2MB
    4 GB Ram
    Raid Controller RocketRaid 2300
    3 Sata II H.disks 160Gbytes
    (right now 70 user accounts )
    Is this machine ok ?
    Thanks in advance

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    I think overall Zimbra will perform very well on the server configuration you have chosen. The one thing you don't mention is how you plan to layout your disks. RAID 5 is not recommended with Zimbra. You should search the Wiki and forums for information on this topic.

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    It's a RAID5 +hot spare config. but I read that this setup is not reccomended if you have more than 100 accounts and this is not our situation.
    thanks for your reply.

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