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Thread: Can I change distros

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    Default Can I change distros


    Just wondering if I can back up my open source zimbra on centos and restore it to a fresh copy of ubuntu.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bobway54 View Post
    I need to move my Zimbra users and email from an old server running ZCS 4.5.5 OS on Fedora Core 5 to a new server running ZCS 4.5.5 OS on Centos 5
    Phoenix's directions with changes for your situation:
    This is with no modifications to IP or FQDN -ie: using the same ip and server name as before
    -Backup the /opt/zimbra directory on your current server (and any other data locations if you have them symlinked or mounted elsewhere
    -make a note of the gid & uid of th zimbra (and postfix user)
    -Do your os switch
    -Install the SAME release on the new Zimbra server as you had on the old server (ie if your currently running 4.5.5 on centos use 4.5.5 for ubuntu)
    -Make sure it's all working then shutdown zimbra and copy the files from your storage location/backup (or old server to the new one if you we're switching boxes as well)
    -Make sure the uid & gid is changed to the ones you had on the old server
    -Run zmfixperms
    -Make sure the LDAP password is set (check the wiki or forum for details).
    -Do an upgrade install on the new server and you should be good to go.
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