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Thread: How to uninstall Zimbra iSync connector for Mac OSX?

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    Default How to uninstall Zimbra iSync connector for Mac OSX?

    Tried everything, no luck. Still getting repeated errors in the console

    [assert] error: (null)
    [assert] where: "", "ZimbraHelper", line: 537

    [Wed Jun 27 15:43:12 200] Mac OS X version is 1049 (10046)
    Jun 27 15:43:13 mac crashdump[10047]: ZimbraHelper crashed
    Jun 27 15:43:14 mac crashdump[10047]: crash report written to: /Users/bpja/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ZimbraHelper.crash.log

    I simply want to remove it entirely since it appears to be conflicting with my other sync connectors. :-(

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    The preference pane is located in /Library/PreferencePanes/Zimbra.prefPane. Drag that to the trash and it will be removed.

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    Default actually...

    Removing the files doesn't serve you well. I just learned this the hard way, so I thought I'd share:

    sudo /Library/PreferencePanes/Zimbra.prefPane/Contents/Resources/ZimbraHelper --uninstall
    Does the trick.

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