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Thread: Secrets of setting up ZIMBRA

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    Default Secrets of setting up ZIMBRA

    Hi, I got Zim deployed on a dual pentium d with 4 gig ram. This is suse 10.2.

    I can sign into the admin url
    I have changed the mx record for dataforceleads to my 43 box.
    I am now lost.
    Can someone list the steps that will enable me and my users to sign in and use the mail? I can see the admin area to set up users yet now dont know where to go.

    Pardon me, and I learn fast.

    I did get the port conflict on 25. Far as I know I have nothing else running. I did see a post that said it may be "postfix"
    Can you please tell me how to clear 25?

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    Go into YaST and then System/System Services (runlevel) - click Expert Mode - stop Postfix and disable it from starting. Change to the zimbra user and issue 'zmcontrol stop' then 'zmcontrol start' - do all the services start and stay up? You can create a user in the admin UI then try to login as that user: http://yourserver/ then use the details you've just created.


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